Why do people have to be so darn peopley?

Recently my #1 darling daughter posted something on her Facebook page that has continued to bother me. It was a photo of a note written on a napkin to a waitress. While the writer expressed that the waitress had done an excellent job in providing service for him, he didn’t leave a monetary tip. InsteadContinue reading “Why do people have to be so darn peopley?”


Although spring is my favorite season, November is my favorite month. It’s because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Much like Darling Daughter #1 begins to listen to Christmas music well before Christmas, I like to get a head start on Thanksgiving by focusing on what I am thankful for all month long.    I love Thanksgiving mostContinue reading “#GetYourThankfulOn”


This is something I posted on Facebook over 4 years ago but it’s still relevant and God’s still working on me so I thought I’d share it again… It’s so easy….so very, very easy, for us to get caught up with focusing on our differences–our skin is a different color, our political views are vastlyContinue reading “#preachingtomyself”

The Day the Neighbors Came, Big Boots or You’re Going to Think I’m Crazy…

I’ve realized over the years that I start a lot of sentences with the phrase “you’re probably going to think I’m crazy, but…”. ⬅️If you find this sentence offensive, please read to the end. My darling husband has this face that he makes when I start telling him with great excitement about my newest idea.Continue reading “The Day the Neighbors Came, Big Boots or You’re Going to Think I’m Crazy…”