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I’m pretty much just making this up as I go.

Working to bring ideas to life through relationships and conversation…learning to be a better leader and to live out my faith as a follower of Jesus…making my community a better place for everyone…gathering and sharing life around our table…drawing pretty, whimsical things…collecting ideas and people as I go….and noodling on how to connect the dots so this all fits together.

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Check out the things I’ve been drawing, and a couple of things I have painted.

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Recent Blog Posts

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    Let’s talk about Sophia Rose Bodenbach. She is darling daughter #2 and my middle monster. She is our family fashionista, a lover of books, plants and animals. Her birthday is May 8th and she is going to be 24. Yup, I actually have a 24 year old daughter. Sophie greatly resembles my mom. Like myContinue reading “Darling Daughter #2”
  • Power. Politics. People. Purpose.
    While some things in life are not at all surprising, they are nevertheless quite disappointing. People are people and given the chance most will disappoint you somewhere along the way. I don’t know that I have always accomplished this, but one thing I have tried very hard to do in life is not throw otherContinue reading “Power. Politics. People. Purpose.”
  • Darling Daughter #1
    I haven’t been doing as many blog posts lately. Life has been busy with painting cabinets, doing lots of drawing and trying other new things. But even while I’ve been otherwise occupied I have been thinking of you and noodling on what to share next. Life is so very interesting that it’s entirely impossible toContinue reading “Darling Daughter #1”

COMING in 2021!


A podcast by Denise Ukena and Trudy Bodenbach

…about hope, community and all of the interesting conversations that we’re having.

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