Chocolate Angel Food and Frozen Vanilla Custard

My sweet mama has long been known for her angel food cakes. I’ve actually never had anyone else’s angel food that is as good as hers. A few years ago I realized that I had no idea how to make an angel food cake so I asked my mom to teach me. My mom isContinue reading “Chocolate Angel Food and Frozen Vanilla Custard”

Love. Hate. Fear…Hope

Most people think that hate is the opposite of love. I learned a long time ago that actually it’s fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Hate is a by product of fear. Violence is a by product of fear. Failure, frustration, jealousy, anger, shame, rejection, guilt…all rooted in fear. I didn’t believe this whenContinue reading “Love. Hate. Fear…Hope”

The Greatest Accomplishment…

I have a friend and mentor who retired a couple of years ago. He’s a well known community leader with a long and successful career. The last time we met right before he retired he told me, “Well, it looks like I made it!”. Because of our relationship and his willingness to share both hisContinue reading “The Greatest Accomplishment…”